Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making the Hoe Down GREEN!!

As the past 4 Hoe Downs have gone by, we've been trying to make less waste.
While using disposable cups, plates, napkins and flatware is so darned easy to cleanup, it sure does cause a TON of garbage...and landfill.
So, in my attempt to reduce the amount of trash created by the Hoe Down, each year we'll be using more and more non disposable supplies.
I'm so happy that this year we've got glass mason jars for Sangria and fresh squeezed, strawberry lemonade.

Image from Oh Lovely Day

And regular flatware!! No plastic utensils this year, which means there will be more stuff to wash, but how great that we'll probably eliminate at least one bag of garbage?

Image from Apartment Therapy

I'm working on getting us some nice cloth napkins and melamine plates, but these things are a bit expensive. Especially the plates, and especially because I only want red, blue, yellow or white plates. We'll still have paper plates and most likely paper napkins, but hey, we're halfway there, right?
And we will still have paper and plastic cups for the kiddos!


  1. Why don't you have each person bring a cloth napkin. The variety would be very interesting and something to talk about.
    Maybe even having everyone bring a melamine plate that is one of the colors you want.
    It is a small way of helping and might be fun for all.
    Aunt Janet

  2. That is a good idea! Especially since everyone wants to bring something.